Sometimes a municipality or public body may miss something that will help them operate in a more efficient manner. Johnson, Penn & Shaw has the resources and ability to provide a community with a review of its past and current practices and offer thoughtful and professional suggestions for improving, subtracting from or adding to your methods of operations and standard operating procedures.
Intergovernmental Agreements are tools that can be used by municipalities to greatly impact their bottom line. The sharing of services between local municipalities and public bodies in an environment that demands that you do more with less, intergovernmental agreements can spell the difference between  operating in the red or in the black.
In a municipality or organization, there may be many vendors who may provide services in many different categories for many different departments. When an original agreement is signed, it is assumed that agreement will provide competitive pricing as well as superior quality. Johnson, Penn & Shaw can in many cases provide cost savings by resetting the process to insure value and savings in many categories from telecommunications, utilities and consumables.
By confidentially examining a municipality’s best management practices and comparing them to state and national standards, Johnson, Penn & Shaw will give you the best methods for trimming budgets and lowering existing tax demand.