The need for a formal Economic & Community Development Plan is best displayed by the fact that there has been a dramatic increase of local interest in job creation, business expansion and new income generation.
The importance of of economic and community development cannot be doubted. A formal plan produced by Johnson Penn & Shaw can be the catalyst that guarantees the success and sustainability of your future.
A precise targeting of your development opportunities is critical to your future success and sustainability. The retention of existing business will remain critically important because new business will judge you by how existing business has been treated.
Johnson, Penn & Shaw can give you a plan that works.
A transit oriented development study will identify the growth opportunities that exist in your area of jurisdiction and give you methods for best utilizing them. Typically, the crossing of major thoroughfares, highways, or rail provides opportunities for creating sustainable centers of economy. Johnson, Penn & Shaw will show you the best ways for taking advantage of them.
The ability to negotiate effective development agreements is critical for your growth and sustainability. Effective public-private partnerships will insure that both partners get a fair share of value of a development. Johnson, Penn & Shaw will show you how to create these dynamic and enriching partnerships.